About us

About Us

Birth of Siddharth group took place in year 2000 with the sole intention of supplementing the income of farmers. A great idea of dairy was put forth in the mind of Mr. D. G. Salunkhe. He along with his wife and close relatives has established other companies engaged in milk procurement, trading, processing & marketing of milk & milk products. The promoters have strong business relationship with co-operative chilling centers, producers & milk suppliers.

The group has set up 10 chilling centers & over 290 bulk cooling stations spread over 215 villages of Maharashtra and Karnataka. A demonstration dairy farm has been set up to educate milk producers in clean milk production, regulated feeding, disease control and genetic improvement of milch animals. There are also extension services to provide artificial insemination, vaccination & treatment of sick animals. Our clean milk chain confers on our product their traditional flavour, while modern technology permits the standardization of production in accordance with the strictest dictates of international hygiene & sanitary regulation. Our policy is focused on the quality of products & the protection of environment. Concerning environment & quality, the company has assumed the commitment to provide clients with premium quality products tied to the tradition of India. Important concepts, therefore, are correctness, reliability, conformity & continuous improvement. The dairy in future has ambitious plan to venture into products like UHT milk & juice, casein, lactose, WPC, Non Hygroscopic Demineralised whey powder etc. This will bring many credential & laurels to the group. Our large Manufacturing capacity at 5 different locations across most part of Maharashtra is backed by an impressive distribution network to ensure that Our products find their way to every house hold in India.