About Us

Birth of Siddharth group took place in year 2000 with the sole intention of supplementing the income of farmers. A great idea of dairy was put forth in the mind of Shri D. G. Salunkhe. He along with his wife and close relatives has established other companies engaged in milk procurement, trading, processing & marketing of milk & milk products. The promoters have strong business relationship with co-operative chilling centers, producers & milk suppliers.

Why Siddharth Group

Our policy is focused on the quality of products & the protection of environment. Concerning environment & quality, the company has assumed the commitment to provide clients with premium quality products tied to the tradition of India. Important concepts, therefore, are correctness, reliability, conformity & continuous improvement.

Our Vision

• To fulfill the needs of valuable customers by providing them quality products.

• To remain India’s most trustworthy, promising and quality based brand.

Our Mission

• To become one of the best quality product industry across the globe.

Our Key Customers

Chairman & Managing Director

Mr. Dnyandev Salunkhe (Mauli) a visionary and risk-taking man who is known for his helping and charismatic personality all over the region. Being born in farming family his love towards farmers and poor people resulted in the birth of Siddharth Group in year 2000. With the sole intention of supplementing the income of farmers a great idea of dairy was put forth in the mind of Mr. Dnyandev Salunkhe also known as (Mauli) with his spirited personality. Mr. Salunkhe later on also ran a sugar industries and several other industrial project across the region. The chairman has strong business relationship with milk producers, milk suppliers and farmers. Hence, resulted Siddharth group to be India’s one of most promising and quality based, leading industrial group in milk and other industrial sector.